The Advertising Blueprint

Help Potential Clients Become Aware Of The Problems You Solve Through Strategic Advertising

3,480,000,000 people use social media on a daily basis. 

Consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23%

There will be 5-7 brand interactions before a consumer remembers a brand 

Is Brand Awareness Really THAT Important?

You could have the absolute best business, the best service on the planet, and I bet you do. But NONE of that matters if no one knows you or what you do. 

The first step to bringing clients through the door is letting people know you exist. And what better way to do that than to leverage a system that has over 3 BILLION people on it EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

When most people think of telling people about your business they think billboards, they think radio, but no other marketing strategy on the planet lets you target more precisely and to a larger audience all at once than online advertising. 

You can either tap into a reservoir of 3.48 BILLION people tracking and optimizing and getting better and more efficient every day, or you can run radio and billboard ads not being able to control who calls looking for business while reaching LESS people for MORE money. 


Now does that make sense?


How We Get Your Company In Front Of Millions 


Market Research

On day 1 we sit down to determine the type of client we are trying to attract researching their problems we have a solution for and create a game plan for the best way to target them


Optimization and Testing

Now we have a game plan. We put it into action in this step tracking it every single day making slight changes and testing changes to ensure we are getting the most results for the least amount of money.



Now we have a proven system to show people our business and get them aware of us, ready to be retargeted. Now we sink money into our proven system that spits more money right back at us in the form of new clients.



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