Leaning Post Wines

lineup of wine bottles
collage displaying leaning post pages
Screens displaying work done for leaning post

Before We Fixed It

old version of leaning post website

Project Overview

When we started working with Nadia she wasn’t happy with her current website. She felt that it didn’t actually represent what the experience is like at Leaning Post Wines. She felt it didn’t convey the passion her entire team really has about wine, this was Nadia’s second website in 3 years.

When we finished her website and sent it to Nadia to see for the first time she called me and said…

“Zack when I first got my other two websites I cringed when I saw both of them because they were so far from what I had envisioned.

But when I saw this website I loved it!”

I was so stressed that she was going to say that this website made her cringe too! But at the end of the day we both were in love with how the site looked.

In the following weeks, we optimized the conversion rate of the website so she could sell even more wine. In the first 2 weeks we saw a strong, consistent increase in sales.
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