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A Message From The Desk Of Zackarias Aitchison

Hey there! Thank you for browsing our website, I hope we can help you with whatever your goals may be… 

I believe it’s important for every service business to have goals and motivations beyond growth and profitability, 

Having some sort of ‘why’ that’s deeper than money that drives our mission and drives our team.

Well for MacMar, our ‘why’ is making a real difference in the lives of our clients.

I was motivated to start MacMar after watching both of my parents follow their dreams of starting their own businesses. But they both struggled…
Their respective businesses quickly became more of a nightmare than a dream, a nightmare that swallowed up every waking minute of their days.

I never want to watch that happen to one of our clients.

My goal, and the goal of Macmar is to help our clients chase their dreams of being successful with their business.

Less headaches, less 18 hour days, and less fires to put out everyday…

More respect, more freedom, and more accomplishments.

That’s what keeps us going when we’re working together.

Zack Aitchison

Zackarias is one of the co-founders of MacMar. Starting MacMar while still in University with his friend Matt Kowald.

Before starting MacMar, Zackarias grew up on a horse farm in the small town of Cayuga. Learning the importance of hardwork and long hours from a young age it was only a matter of time before Zackarias ditched the monotony of school to start his own business.

Fast forward a couple of years, and now MacMar is a growing team providing the businesses of Niagara with the best designed websites along with the highest degree of automation.

Outside of the office Zackarias takes part in combat sports to stay active such as Wrestling and MMA, as well as hiking and cycling in the summer to enjoy the warm weather.


Matt Kowald

Matt Kowald is one of the co-founders of MacMar. He started the business with his friend Zackarias after falling out of love with Kinesiology. While at university he was simultaneously learning about the power of psychology and marketing and how to apply it online.

After successfully launching a company online and having sales generated, he decided he wanted to grasp a deeper knowledge and become the best in Canada at what he does.

Now MacMar prides itself on building high converting websites that make you money with quality marketing that attracts the people to your website.

Originally Matt grew up in a small country town in Australia called Geraldton, half of his childhood was spent on his grandpa's farm where he was always inspired by his Grandpa’s work ethic that he carries with him now into the world of business.

Matt moved to Perth in Western Australia to start studying before moving to St Catharines in 2014.

Now he spends his spare time reading books, relaxing with a coffee and doing martial arts such as MMA and wrestling.


Matt Furlong
Web Developer

Matt Furlong is a web developer at MacMar. After seven years of experience with information technology, he has shifted his focus to the world of web development.

Growing up in Niagara Falls, Matt has enjoyed the comforts of city living. He is dedicated to lifelong learning exemplified by taking time out of the week to learn new skills like how to play music or how to skate. He uses the learning styles that he has built over the years towards learning and growing as a developer.

In his free time, Matt enjoys everything and anything to do with hockey (let’s go flyers!). He loves to spend as much time as possible outdoors and is always down for a jam session.

Matt Furlong

Evan MacDonald

Evan MacDonald’s resume reads like a cosmopolitan recipe for success and perseverance.

Born in Germany on a Canadian military base, Evan has lived all over Canada and Europe before moving to Niagara to attend Brock University, where he studied business and trained on the Canadian national wrestling team. Representing Canada at the Commonwealth, Pan Am, World and Olympic Games, Evan solidified a top ten ranking in the world for several years.

In the midst of such athletic accomplishments, Evan discovered a penchant for real estate and since then has flipped over 20 million dollars in real estate holdings, including home construction, apartments, restaurants and B&B’s. As the founder of MAC inc. Creative Capital, which includes property management, marketing, construction, plumbing, and stucco enterprises, he currently operates Revel St. Catharines with his wife, Jessie MacDonald and looks forward to serving both clients and realtors wishing to join an expanding Revel family.

Evan is the recent recipient of Niagara’s prestigious 40 under 40 2020 Leadership award.
evan macdonald

John Musgrave
Management Consultant

A proven leader of people and a successful business manager. A career of over 25 years including working with HBC, Rona and Emco. Successfully growing and turning around over 12 different locations.

John’s greatest strength is developing teams and people. He believes that the key to success is through inspiring and engaging people. “The number one way to succeed is to genuinely care about people”
One of John’s favourite motto’s for success in leadership is “I would rather be a lamb in charge of an army of lion’s than a lion in charge of an army of lambs.”

Currently, as the VP of Operations at Mac Inc, John is working closely with Evan and Jessie MacDonald to drive the success of all Mac Inc. divisions including the Revel St. Catharines team.

Husband to his beautiful wife, Laura. Father to his amazing daughters, Caitlan and Brooke. Papa to his “dog-hers”, Prudence and Jackie, both rescued from the Lincoln Humane Society.

john musgrave
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