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You’re most likely here because you found us on Google when looking for SEO work, funny how that works…

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Blog Posts Don’t Pay The Bills

I don’t know about you but I can’t pay employees or the government with blog posts.

SEO isn’t about posting weekly content that’s 3,000 words long, or getting 1,000,000 backlinks.

SEO is about getting new clients from the people who find you on Google, but not every agency seems to think like this.

We don’t waste time writing blogs no one is ever going to read…

Instead we spend our time getting you in front of the 1,000+ people in a desperate search every single month for the services you provide.

"It's been awesome since day one. I've gotten many compliments on the website..."



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Brings In Clients Everyday
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Loads In Less Than A Second
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Easy For Everyone To Find
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Zero Downtime
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See For Yourself, Google "Kitchen Renovation St Catharines
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Steve Schroeder

President of SteveBuilt Inc.
5 stars
Zack and Matt are very professional and true craftsmen of their trade. They are marketing geniuses. If you're looking for a great website, videos and marketing then look no further. These guys care about their work. The people at MacMar are honest, hardworking and will generate results for your company.

Are Your Leaving A Good 
First Impression?

What’s the first thing you do when you’re thinking about working with someone new?

You Google them.

Now imagine all the people who need what you offer, they’ve heard of you before so they decide to look you up…

The final test before they reach out to you…

And they can’t find you.

What sort of impression do you think that leaves with people?

Not to mention they’re going to find a competitor and that client is lost...


A competitor stole a client from right out from under your nose and you didn’t even know.

We want to help make sure that never happens again, don’t you?

What do clients say about us?

Luke Jasudavicus

Founder of Experience Driven
5 stars
Matt and Zack from MacMar are digital marketing masters! I have worked in the web industry for over a decade and I’ve seen these guys do things with google analytics that I didn't even know was possible. They can deliver amazing results!

Dianne Ellis

Owner of HeartMind Yoga
5 stars
I highly recommend Mac Mar to any business owner. As an entrepreneur, I especially think this is useful for small business owners looking for someone to guide them in setting up their website visibility needs. If you dream it, they'll customize it!
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