We promise 30+ ready to buy
leads each month knocking at
your door, or we work work the
next month for free.*

Get Clients Who Are Ready To Pay You, Lining Up At Your Door

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is setting up a system that finds people who already have their wallets out ready to do business with you.
Each business is different, so we build every single one of our clients a custom lead generation system that is custom tailored to their business.

Why You Need Lead Generation

Most business owners think that just throwing an ad up on the newspaper, and a billboard is enough to bring in clients.
But this just isn’t the case.
With online advertising you can target specific people, imagine flipping a switch and suddenly clients are rolling through the door, and once you’re overwhelmed just turn the ad off.
Don’t believe me? Here’s some numbers:

Across the entire planet, businesses make $2 for every $1 they spend on Google ads, on average.

57% of Facebook users say that Facebook ads have influenced their shopping purchases. 3,480,000,000 people use social media on a daily basis.

We are experts at setting up systems where you put in $1 and get $2, $3, or even $15.67 back. If you don’t have this system someone else in your industry will. 

Is that something you really want to go up against with dead marketing strategies from the past that almost never deliver an ROI?

How We Architect Your Money Printing Machine

1. Landing Pages

Here is where 99% of those other marketing companies blow it. After the ad, where does the person go? With us we send the client to a landing page that is built to convert people into quality leads, skyrocketing your conversion rates and putting cold hard cash in your pocket

2. Market Research

But what if I don’t know what keywords to run ads on or who to target? Don’t worry, day 1 we walk through your favourite clients to work with, the most profitable, as well as the most strategic ones to target. After that the only thing you need to worry about is dealing with all the new leads

3 The Follow Up Blueprint

A custom follow up system is architected so that you can get the most out of your ads, creating a fully automated systems that chases down people who got cold feet to pump up your ROI even more

Some Brands we've worked with

Online ads are the fastest way to grab new leads and to slaughter the competition. It’s a simple fact that if you don’t do it someone else in your industry will.

It’s hunt or be hunted, which one are you?