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What Is Local Marketing?

Local Marketing is the process of dominating your city using often overlooked, yet effective tactics to make sure that when people think of a business that solves their problem, you’re the first one that comes to mind.

Why Dominating Your Local Area Is Important

I am going to let you in on the secret on how you can get tonne’s of local business right from your backyard…
Let’s imagine something for a second. You Google “plumber near me” and these are the top three results.
Number 1 ranked plumber
Number 2 ranked plumber
Number 3 ranked plumber
Now which one would you choose?
Chances are if you are like most you answered with A & N plumbing.

The key to dominating your area is being found in local searches online and having a shitload of reviews to highlight that you are the best in the area.

But how the heck do I do that?
5 star rating
Don’t worry we’ve got a proven system for that.
This is the part where I would typically show you how other marketing agencies mess this up, but I can’t do that in this situation because close to NO ONE offers this dominant service. Imagine how it would change your business if you were your cities top company in your industry. Imagine the freedom, sleeping like a baby, and giving your family the life you’ve always dreamt of.
Still don’t think there is value here? Well then take a look at these stats:

Near me” or “close by” type searches grew by more than 900% over two years.

9 out of 10 consumers read reviews for local businesses before making a purchase.

97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else.

Prospective customers will read an average of 10 online reviews before they feel they can trust a local business

How We Build Your Local Empire

1. Citations

When people look you up locally they will see your website, but there are 10 spots for other websites and possible local competition. Instead we fill these spots with citations for your business so no competition can even be considered

2. Review Management

Our system reminds clients to leave reviews while still respecting their time and privacy, automatically filtering bad reviews offline back to you leaving only the positive reviews for the world to see

3. Google Maps

Have your business show loud and proud at the top of google maps listings when they search for your service.

Some Brands we've worked with

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