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Custom Website Design to fit your business

Mac Mar is a team of website designers who specialize in creating and developing websites that are responsive, load fast, are secure and convert so that your business's online presence stands out.

Each of your customers should land on a beautifully crafted, well-thought-out website

– otherwise, what's the point? This is our area of expertise: smart, powerful websites that produce results whether it be an ecommerce website or a local service website.
Some Businesses That Trust Us
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A Website Crafted With The Necessities In Mind

A lot more goes into a website than a simple redesign. 

We’ve seen tons of people get beautiful sites with other companies that sit and collect dust, not generating a cent of revenue. 

Here are three things we do to make sure your website is making you money and not leaving a bad first impression with the people looking to work with you…

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SEO Fundamentals

With all of our websites we build them following the principles of On-Site Search Engine Optimization (typically a separate service with other companies).

This means your website is easier for your clients to find from day one on all search engines than if you went with anyone else.

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Never Buffering

People today have the attention span of a goldfish, that’s why we make sure your website loads in 2 seconds or less.

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Designed To Convert

Lots of pretty websites don’t make money. All of our designs find a balance between good looks and good results so the people who see your website actually message you.

"It's been awesome since day one. I've gotten many
compliments on the website..."

Professional website design team

At Mac Mar we understand that to get incredible results, you need an amazing team. That is why we have sought out the most talented group of website developers and website designers under one company in Canada to make sure you get results.
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collage of foamcore internet success

Matt Arnold

Founder of Foamcore Mouldings Inc.
5 stars
Zack and Matt at MacMar provided us with a fantastic website. I always felt like I had their full attention with my project, I was never put on the back burner. MacMar delivers on their word with work that’s just as good as they say it’s going to be
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Make Your Friends Jealous
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Looks Good On Phones, Tablets, And Computers
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Get A Website That Closes Clients For You
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Show People The Quality You Deliver
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Pandemic Proof Your Business

A Peak Into Our Design Portfolio

Beautiful timeless designs that convert

Website Design for complete stucco - Mac Mar
Website Design for leaning post wines - Mac Mar
Website Design for drizzly gang entertainment - Mac Mar
Website Design for personalized catering- Mac Mar
Website Design for hairbyelyfi - Mac Mar
Website Design for foamcore mouldings - Mac Mar
Website Design for complete plumbing - Mac Mar
Website Design for Niagara Top Team - Mac Mar
Website Design for George Street Law- Mac Mar
Website Design for Griffiths Physiotherapy - Mac Mar
Website Design for Belle Mia Insulation - Mac Mar
Website Design for Compass Psychotherapy - Mac Mar
Website Design for Steve Built - Mac Mar
Website Design for Smart Be Wealth - Mac Mar
Website Design for Riverside Realty - Mac Mar
Website Design for Senso Design - Mac Mar
Website Design for Eds Afro kithcen - Mac Mar
Website Design for Binaria - Mac Mar
Website Design for Riverside Realty - Mac Mar

The Website Design Process That Will Ensure Your Website Crushes The Competition

number one

Data Gathering and Planning Stage

Gathering all of the details about your company is the first step in our website design process.

We conduct in-depth conversations with you, gaining a thorough understanding of your business goals, design requirements, target audience and the features you want.

When we’re creating the content sketches and wireframes of your website, you’re involved in the process just as much as we are. We work together to create a web design solution to your problem, no matter how complex the problem may be.

Custom Design To Solve Your Problems

After we've gathered all of your company's specifications, our dedicated team will begin designing your website. Mac Mar's graphic designers create appealing pages that are current with design trends and match your brand to create design that looks good on all devices.

Our team of professional content writers pride themselves on our rigorous content writing process. Guaranteed to leave you with content that people actually read, instead of scrolling through past it without a second glance.

Each image is hand selected and sized correctly to make sure you have faster load times and look great on different screen types. Our goal is to build a website that produces results for your company and increases your sales.
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Web Development Of Your Site

After your site has been designed by hand, written content completed, meticulous planning done to prevent poor navigation, all editing completed and everything meets your standards, we begin the development phase and bring your designs to life.

Our qualified team of developers recreate your designs pixel perfectly using code. Crafting it into adaptive web design with an easy to understand user interface. The code is clean and page structure is developed with search engine optimization in mind.

After the development team has finished we add in Google Analytics, ssl certificate, email marketing tools, as well as integrate Google Maps, connecting your social media presence and optimize your sites code to make sure the loading times are fast on every type of device.

Rigorous quality assurance and Client Hand Off

Once the site is completed we go through our 3 step quality assurance process to make sure that your website is ready to help you achieve your business growth.

During this process two members from our experienced team will go through a checklist and make sure everything is perfect on desktop, tablet, mobile devices and various browsers followed by you to make sure your responsive websites’ perfect.

After this is completed your website goes live. We promote your website’s launch by sharing it on our social media. Beyond your website, we can help you create a marketing plan that covers every corner of digital marketing, SEO service, and gorilla marketing strategies that tie everything together and will capture your potential customers.

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Ready to get a hand crafted website to accelerate your business’s growth?

Don't Settle For Average

Your website is your new business card. 

Your website is the first thing people find when they begin their due diligence on your company

People like to dig and snoop, the fact you’re even reading this is proof.

So if your clients dig up a website that hasn’t been updated since it was built on a Windows 98 computer they’re not going to reach out to you.

plain and simple 

Now if that client finds a stunning work of art that shows them immediately the type of care and attention to detail you put into your work you are going to be their first call. 

Make your first impression a good one with a stunning website.

What do our clients SAY about us?

Daniel Bayssassew

Owner of King of Hearts Media
5 stars
I highly recommend Mac Mar to any business owner who wants to leverage their online presence. Matt and Zack have helped me better understand SEO, Pay Per Click advertising, and how to make my website convert leads into clients. They can make your website into your #1 sales agent. There's a lot more I could say but when you reach out to them you will see what I mean.
jessie macdonald

Jessie MacDonald

Broker Of Record at Revel Realty
5 stars
Great service, innovative ideas and tremendous service. I would highly recommend MacMar to anyone looking to generate business using a digital platform. We know more then ever the importance of marketing and online presence!

Canadian-based in-house web design company

We've put together a team of web designers and project managers to work directly with your business, getting to know your brand, mission, and other details. 

A dedicated team will create a project summary document and an innovative blueprint to direct the website design and production. Then, during our mockup phase, our world-class design team brings ideas to life. To add value and help us navigate the design process as a team, we have an interactive input tool and multiple revision rounds.

Proven top-notch website development

Your approved beautiful designs are built into the industry-leading drag-and-drop framework for fast updating and ongoing maintenance by our expert web design and development team (in the short term, and the long term). 

To ensure that your users have a great experience regardless of their surfing habits, all websites are completely responsive and reviewed on all screen sizes and devices. Our revision rounds give our clients the chance to work with our web designers to make some improvements to the production connection before it goes live; we work until it's great.

Industry-leading hosting, security, & support

For our hosting, we use the world's leading WordPress controlled infrastructure. All of our sites stay up to date, quick, and accessible for your visitors thanks to our content delivery network (CDN), backups, SSL, and security scanning (and beyond). 

We have a dedicated support team whose mission is to ensure custom satisfaction in all facets of your website after it goes live. We're here for you, and we're not leaving. We want to be here for the long haul.

Our Secret To Success.

The success stories you see from our clients don’t happen overnight.

That type of success happens when you take the time to create a long-term plan…

...And you partner up with a reliable team to make sure the plan goes off without a hitch.

We’re not here to run a month of advertising for you, then disappear into thin air

That doesn’t actually help your business in the long-term.

We’re here to help you build a new source of new clients to feed your growing business for years to come

If you’re looking for a one-off job, don’t call us, it won’t work out…

But if you’re looking for a reliable team to help you crush your ambitious goals, then you’re in the right place.

Designing websites in a town we love

Mac Mar will provide excellent web design and development services to local business owners. With our web development services, you can attract customers from all over the world as well as the country.

Ecommerce website development and design for  businesses

To increase sales and income, you'll need a functional and mobile-friendly e-commerce site if you're starting an e-commerce company. Mac Mar builds mobile-friendly e-commerce sites for our customers using WooCommerce as the ecommerce platform. Your new site will allow you to accept secure payments, ensuring that your customers' personal information is kept safe. Your online store will be fully functional and incorporated into a fully functional website, as well as a forum. Using all of these elements in your web design will help you improve traffic and click-through rates, resulting in a higher return on investment.

Search engine optimization to draw in your target Customers all over canada

Imagine making a fantastic website that no one will find or see. Not only would that be disappointing, but it could also hurt your company. As a result, we provide search engine optimization (SEO) services to help your website rank higher in all major search engines. Your company can attract customers by using local SEO services.

Website hosting, security, and support for companies

All of our Rochester websites are designed to be completely compatible with all screen sizes and devices. We provide website hosting on a tried-and-true WordPress-managed platform, a market leader in website hosting that continues to rise in popularity as more businesses embrace it. In the event of data failure, our team also ensures that you have the most recent backups. We have advanced security features that ensure that your website is always up to date, quick, dependable, and accessible.

Website mock-ups

Our professional team of developers will take time to understand your business and business needs before starting on any part of the web development process. Understanding your business needs ensures we incorporate them into your responsive website design.

Since we strictly adhere to professional market standards from the onset to the website development stage, all our projects are top quality. The phases we go through to provide you with a great website include planning, analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance.

The initial phase of web design is comprised of a project overview document and creative blueprint, which will act as a guide for your project. These documents guarantee all your needs are met, as our professional team works on developing your site. We’ll work with you to see what features your website needs, and can take advantage of to help your business grow. For example, implementing advanced functionality and ecommerce website design could help you sell physical and digital goods and services online to your local customers, as well as throughout the world.
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Some Questions You May Have

Does our web hosting have to be with you?

No. Your website can be hosted wherever you would like, as long as you control your domain names you can control where you are hosting your site. But having fast hosting that utilizes a CDN is crucial for ecommerce as well as larger websites, so we would highly recommend using our hosting in these cases.

What programming languages do you use?

We are experts in php, javascript, html and css and can use these languages in various different content management systems to make sure your site looks professional.

Do you use website templates?

For our small framework sites we can customize website templates to help keep your costs lower. But as a web design agency we love to give you a custom solution that is designed from scratch by professional designers that will wow your site visitors.

Are your websites responsive on all devices?

Yes, responsive design is critical to your websites success and the end user experience. Not only do we make sure that it looks great but we design an entirely separate page to optimize mobile responsiveness and ensure any customer will have a great mobile experience.

For responsive web design on tablet and desktop we make sure that the layout still looks great when the page size grows or shrinks.

Can you build a mobile app?

Yes, we can handle all of your app needs as well.

What marketing can you help me with?

Being a marketing agency as well as web development agency, we can help you with all sorts of marketing such as google ads, seo, facebook ads, social media marketing, and youtube, to help in building your brand and to sell products if you have a website that is selling online.

No matter your business type we have a marketing strategy to help grow your business.

Can you use a website builder?

Yes we can include a website builder if you would like flexibility in updating your site with explanation on how to best use it as well as a form builder so you can customize your questions in the future

Do you build small local websites?

Yes we love to craft the perfect website for your local business, and have a system in place to make sure that it is not only affordable but that it looks great and matches your brand.

Do you include a custom domain with your website?

Yes if you need help choosing a custom domain we can help you hand pick one and secure it or guide you on how to buy one yourself.

Are your websites built with accessibility in mind?

Yes our design experts design with accessibility in mind making sure all the pages have high contrast, all images use alt text and follow best practices so that even if someone is using a screen reader on your website they can still make an informed decision and take the require action.

Can you design a custom blog?

Yes for websites that want a robust blog feature and a wide range of category functionalities so that when you create a blog post everything else dynamically produces we can do that.

Do you do logo design?

Yes we create a logo that suites your company no matter what 'looks and feels' you are trying to achieve. We do not use logo makers but rather have our expert graphic design team craft the logo matching your color scheme.

What design tools do you use?

We follow all the design trends in the industry and use the best design tools to make sure that your web presence will look great on all devices. We also use the best seo tools to get data from search algorithms to make sure it easy for your website to gain traction if you need.
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